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Construction company "Bada Construction" since 2009, successfully throughout the construction of residential complexes, business centers, cultural and industrial buildings.

Each project implemented by Bada Construction uses high quality building materials, natural paving stones, energy efficient glass, high quality aluminum stained glass, composite panels, heat-energy-saving materials between floors and roofs, which is a building quality, special and durable. The technical team constantly monitors the progress and quality of the construction process, all of which is the business card of the company.

About company

The goal of the Bada Construction team is to create a quality product tailored to the customer's taste and satisfaction at a budget price.

About us


Bada Gldani

Modern design 11-storey residential house in Gldani 7th micro district. The complex includes a wide selection of residential apartments.

Start of construction: Date September 2021

Construction Completion Date: July 2023

Villa Caucasus

Residential complex "Villa Caucasus"
Villa is one of the largest, ongoing projects of the Caucasian construction company "Bada Construction", which is being implemented in Saguramo, in an ecologically clean and quiet place - Navdaraantkari.
The project includes 16 premium-class 1-storey residential houses built to modern standards.
The project is distinguished by the sophisticated and modern design of the houses.